Does blog commenting really help for SEO?

14th December 2012

Blog Comments for SEO

Before all of the Google Panda & Penguin updates, we had always said that leaving comments on blogs with a backlink to your website was a good idea, and could help with SEO. But since then, things have changed! Now, those same blog commenting strategies don’t work nearly as well. So it’s time for an updated view on blog commenting and the effects it can have on SEO.

Since Google’s algorithm update, the focus has really been put on value and quality. So with blog commenting, it has in the past been an easy way to get a backlink to your site. It is a pretty easy way to get a backlink, but is it helping or harming your website?

Well, since Panda & Pengiun blog comment links have been significantly devalued. It is very difficult to significantly increase your rankings with just blog comments alone. This doesn’t go to say that they are completely useless, they can still help with building awareness, your brand & in some respects your rankings.

How to blog comment properly

As mentioned above most people think of blog comments as being easy backlinks. By doing this, they are viewing blog commenting in the wrong way, the way it used to be viewed as. They really miss the best part of blog commenting, and that is interaction in an already established online community.

People read blog comments and this is where you have a chance to shine and really stand out. A well thought out and valuable comment will catch readers eyes. It will also catch the eyes of the person who published the post in the first place.

So our advice is, blog commenting still has its uses. But you need to be careful about how it’s done. Only post a handful of comments (do not spam), just include you real name and not keywords and most importantly get involved and post meaningful relevant comments that are going to trigger a reaction.

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Pamela Philips
1st January 2013

Hi, great post. Its a good value of information. Thanks.

Devid ford
3rd January 2013

Actually you are right, I agree with you. After updates came because of Google Panda & Penguin, we have to be careful before give comment on any blog. It must be given in the meaningful way and related to blog also then only it would be effective for us.

Web Design Company
7th February 2013

Looking for the same.. Thanks for Sharing…

Prodmetrics IT Services
12th February 2013

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13th March 2013

Wow. This is a very nice post.I learned new things from here and this is very useful. Thanks for this.

Brand Design Services
22nd March 2013

Amazing work! Keep it up!
Cant wait for further updates.

Nathan Brook
28th May 2013

Thank you for clarifying this issue! One should never spam blogs with short and irrelevant comments. Totally agree..

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